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Advocating Individual Self Esteem, Personal Development, Desired/Deserving Success And Conscious Leadership towards making the world a better place. – THE GREAT SSB

Over the years and mostly at first contact, quite a number of people have described Sulaimon Salam Bamidele based on non-debatable and respectable individual perceptions, even some more after a while wish they could stick to a single definition matching their personal opinions.
Here’s my favorite quote; and it’s either talking to everyone on no exceptions: “TO BE CHALLENGED IN LIFE IS INEVITABLE,………TO BE DEFEATED IS OPTIONAL”. I, Sulaimon Salam Bamidele have CHOSEN TO BE ‘VICTORIOUS’ against conceding to the defeat of any life’s challenge. “It’s about every individual mindset to turn being a Champion from the state of every challenge”.

Sometime in mid-90s as a junior school student at Anglican Grammar School Otta, Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria, Sulaimon Salam Bamidele left home as ever in high spirit for school and within the space of six hours thereafter, he was lead back to his mother’s local restaurant, and not again as a school boy with functional eyesight but incredibly as a blind child. Precisely at a very tender age of thirteen years, five months and six days, “I lost my ‘sight’, but forever sure, I retain my ‘VISION’ on no excuses to steadily keeping it onwards the track of life towards greatness”.

The hard to believe sight of my blindness made dear mum broke down in deep motherhood tears, pleaded unconsciously to be woken up should the sudden scene about me was a mere daydreaming incident. Behold, it was no screenplay tricks but somewhat a reality marking the beginning of my struggles to live strongly with the fateful situation. After all, life they say continues, but certainly for me at age 13 and it’s in a second phase of the transformed world from eye sightedness to total blindness.

Like the early morning subtle breeze, the dawn of my new world came to being when a friend/classmate accidentally hit me in the face under the tree with his two feet, I fell full length on the ground, cried in pains with mixed blood and tears streaming freely from the eye sockets, and people came to my aid with cold water to wash my face as there were no provisions for school medical service. My eyesight instantly became blur, the case was immediately reported to the helpless school authority who sent for my schoolmate sister cousin of blessed memory [Florence Adebukola Ashade] to take me home, and the poor young girl ’15’ bitterly wept with me all the way right back to my mother’s local restaurant.

In faraway FCT Abuja Nigeria where my father ‘now of blessed memory’ worked mostly as a civil engineer, he was immediately communicated about the sad development. There began the quest to help restore my eyesight through medical, traditional or spiritual means around the towns and cities of Lagos, Ogun and Oyo states respectively, but all effort and healing process to no avail.

An application was filed on my behalf in the year 1999 for a rehabilitation program through some useful information grabbed on [OGUN STATE TELEVISION-OGTV Abeokuta], where Chief Samuel Ade Okubanjo on an interview program featured as guest and talked about the services of a local school for the blind. A big aunt of blessed memory [Alhaja M. Soyoye] was such a strong and admirable link rope, she reconnected my life back with the school system and it absolutely was a life turnaround.

The love, care, passion and kind heartedness of my instructor [Mrs. Taiwo Adetiba] was highly instrumental to the overall success recorded on the training. She was genuinely sensitive to the lofty height of my spirit to succeed way beyond the rehabilitation program, and my immediate elder brother [Mr. Daud A. Salam] helped in no little measure to feeding my psychic with some rich nutrients of healthy support and encouragement.

At Ade Okubanjo School for the Blind in Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun State Southwest Nigeria, all I was to learn supposedly within a minimum timeframe of one year incredibly became part of me within four months. The rehabilitation program I acquired took me through the use of manual typewriter, independent living, Braille reading and writing etc. I mastered the trainings and began voluntary lessons for fresh intakes [Miss Omolola Idowu] and more.

In the year 2000, I moved on to Adeola Odutola College Ijebu-Ode Ogun State Southwest Nigeria ‘a post-primary school’, where I resumed an completed my high school education under the headship of Mr. T.O Dawodu as principal. I joined other students three months to end of the 1999/2000 academic year and eventually, I failed none of my 14 class subjects and emerged as best student overall in two subjects [English Language and Introductory Technology] respectively. Again on grade ’10’/SSS one class level, I emerged as best student overall in three subjects of Literature in English, Commerce and Biology Science.
However, I received no prize award for ‘Biology Science’ because I had same score of 95% with a Science student friend ‘Oluwafemi Odewole, now a varsity teacher at the University of Nigeria’, and the school on agreement with me felt the prize should go to the science student since I was an Art student.

Sulaimon Salam Bamidele was actively involved in a couple of extra curriculum/irresistible entertaining activities like monologue stage presentations [poetry, drama, comedy and mock news], all of which made him a student celebrity/toast of many. He represented his alma-mater [Adeola Odutola College] at various inter-school competitions, winning laurels in news reading, quiz, debate, drama presentations, and speech and writing contests.
Also between 2003/2004, he served concurrently as the very first Blind Prefect in history of the school since established in 1945, worked as president of both Press and Drama Clubs respectively, all together in a single tenure of one academic year. On graduation in year 2004, Adeola Odutola College presented Sulaimon Salam Bamidele with a ‘Letter of Commendation’ in recognition of his appreciable contributions, towards raising and upholding the enviable prestige standard of the institution.

Going forward and in the year 2005, I met one of the Nigeria’s finest in the broadcast industry, Sunny Irabo and through the former Director General of FRCN, Dr. Eddy Iroh; he procured a scholarship for me to train under the dynamic tutelage of Segun Akioya and Rumen Efetie. That year, I received certificate in Basic Presentation course program from the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria Training School, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.
Officially in August 2006 while living with Mrs. Titilayo A. Baruwa [Nee Sanyaolu], a blind teacher/instructor of blessed memory, my career as a professional Broadcast/Journalist started on the Nigeria Television Authority [NTA IJEBU-ODE UHF 63], where I began with Yoruba Poetry ‘Eewi’ rendition as a freelance artist.

Later, I began to function as voice-over artist, producer for some in-house shows and co-anchored on different programs. Dear late friend Oluwaseun Adegbesan was indeed helpful on my way into Broadcast/Journalism, may the good Lord bless his gentle soul. In the year 2007, I started working as a radio journalist with SPLASH 105.5 FM Ibadan, Oyo state where my first assignment was coverage of the Nigeria’s 2007 general elections. After the exercise, I got a surprise commendation phone call from [proprietor of the radio station] Chief Adebayo Akande who at the postmortem meeting inquired………”who was that Sulaimon Salam Bamidele from Ogun state?___I like his reports, very detailed”. The station’s former General Manager [Pekun Oloyede] and [Lawrence Olisa] as former head of the news department both hinted.
In the year 2008, I enrolled in a ‘double honors’ five year degree part-time program to study Mass Communication/Education at Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun state Nigeria. Most of the time throughout my university days as an undergraduate, I was involved in a couple of general class exercise and coordinated group assignment activities with remarkable result in every presentations.
In July 2009, Sulaimon Salam Bamidele launched a youth focused magazine radio show ‘FUTURE GLORY’ on Splash 105.5 FM Ibadan. The weekly radio show consistently mentored quite a number of youths for no less half a decade. Also under my most humble tutelage over the years, quite a number of young promising broadcasters are being produced, doing excellently well till date as great media personnels.

In the year 2011 from the Department Of Special Education, the Nigeria’s Premier University Of Ibadan, Sulaimon Salam Bamidele received an OUTSTANDING AWARD OF RECOGNITION, and same year at the Annual General Meeting of Splash 105.5 FM, he got the chairman’s award as THE MOST VALUABLE STAFF OF THE YEAR.
Two years ahead graduation from the university, I established a bilingual community news magazine company in the year 2012 with a good number of friends and fellow undergraduate students ’15’ working with me as reporters, columnists, photographers, graphics designer/editor
and more.

In the year 2013 at SUSABAM MEDIA WORLD, no fewer than eight members of my Mass Communication class from the university had their required Internship Training program with THE’GREAT’SSB as publisher and Editor-In-Chief of T’ATIWERE_THE ALERT NEWS MAGAZINE. Reading, observing, researching, listening to good music, creative writing, working for alternatives to challenges, meeting and being of service to people and the community marks my primary interest. TGSSB hates insincerity and insensitivity, loves diligence and honesty, cherish selflessness, integrity and kind heartedness nature in human.
There you meet the amiable TGSSB, a visionary youth leader, trained Broadcast/Journalist, media content developer, producer, presenter, mentor, voiceover artist, teacher, creative writer, author, social commentator, poet, publisher, motivational public speaker and more.
“Please in everything you do, kindly make genuine love for nature and humanity your priority and watchword”. Sulaimon Salam Bamidele is no doubt a humble product of hard work, resilience, optimism, and self-education and ever with the strong Believe In Great Dreams.
Even without the most essential available to you in life, strive hard like the champion and press on tirelessly to make SOMETHING GREAT FROM EVERY NOTHING GOOD.

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