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We are poised to PROMOTING IDEAL VALUES through the quality Broadcast Content of its programming 24/7. The humble brain behind the GDRstation project believes that it absolutely takes a Team to make every Dreams a reality. Hence, THE GREAT SSB roots on tirelessly for the young generation to being in charge of the best capable of making their tomorrow a better deal that works for the
GreatDreamsRadio is strategically designed to being the communication platform, especially for the young blood with the keen interest in the business of Broadcast Journalism. We open the room of wide range opportunities to the young and enthusiastic Broadcast Journalism major to showcasing their individual talent, serve their community proficiently and as well make a good living from their innate ability/capability towards making the world a better place.
The variety of our Quality Broadcast Content type day-in-day-out ranges from Motivations/Inspirations to Business/Career, Promoting Creativity/Inventions/Innovations, Love Life/Marital Matters, Musical Throw Back In Time/Focus On The Rich African Cultural Values, The Celebration Of African/Community Social Life, And The Religious Values etc.
Also, we are committed in our professional responsibilities to airing balanced news plus conscious entertainment round the clock, all towards serving your interest. Here we are absolutely for the community you live-in. GREAT DREAMS RADIO__PROMOTING IDEAL VALUES.

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